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Coburn Farms® Evaporated Milk, 12oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Evaporated Milk, 12oz

Coburn Farms Evaporated Milk is great for cooking and baking. Use anytime a recipe calls for milk. Contains vitamin-fortified milk.

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This is excellent in mac and cheese, also broccoli, rice and cheese caserole..It makes it so creamy.

tornadothomas62, Birmingham, AL

I have a recipe called spaghetti bake and I use this item to make my dish and let me tell you there is no difference from this evaporated milk from the name brand at any of the local grocery stores. Works just as good. I use alot of sav-a-lot items to make many of my homemade recipes and they are i think as good if not BETTER products than the name brand for a-lot of money less!!!!!

usitshutup27, Springhill, FL

A great evaporated milk product...keep up the good work

quickt, Port Orange, FL

I love this Coburn Farms can Milk. It is great for cooking, and putting in hot chocolate, whether mac and cheese, homemade mashed potatoes, peanut butter candy, or my favorite homemade potatoe soup. No matter what I make it always taste so good with this can milk..

hnhretireeroost, Elberton, GA

I use this everytime I make my fudge. It turns out great everytime.

rsquinn73, Fairmont, WV