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Coburn Farms® Evaporated Milk, 12oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Evaporated Milk, 12oz

Coburn Farms Evaporated Milk is great for cooking and baking. Use anytime a recipe calls for milk. Contains vitamin-fortified milk.

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We use this for coffee, baking and cooking. and my cat loves it too!

goldenrose, Spring Hill, FL

this is great milk. I use it for my gravy and for making snow ice cream. A must have in my pantry

whytry2, Pauls Valley, OK

I use it for everything... especially with my coffee

alejandroomi, Buffalo, NY

I can get evaporated milk for the same price elsewhere, believe it or not, at a considered-high-class Florida grocery store. But we love the recipe for fettucine alfredo on the back of the label. (Actually, it might be spaghetti alfredo.) Save-a-lot, could you post that recipe here?


I buy this product by the case. I do a lot of baking and can't get it anywhere else at this price. I buy-a-lot at Save-A-Lot.

geasler, Port Richey, FL