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Medeiros Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 17fl oz 

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Give all your meals a rich flavor with Medeiros Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra virgin olive oil has a subtle, full flavor that's perfect for drizzling on salads and breads.

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This is one of the best economical priced extra virgin olive oil that I have ever purchased and used. It is as light and flavorable as the many well known brands. I am so thankful that Save-A-Lot has such highly quality but economical priced products.

shirstew2, Greensboro, NC

This product is great for cooking - tastes the same as high dollar brands - makes for a great bargain. Keep this product on your shelves... Thanks.

wrowrowro, Millington, TN

I bought a bottle of this thinking it would be just as good as the other olive oils. Not even close! It left a rather bitter taste.

moop, Washington, PA

This olive oil is just as good as the name brand at the big expensive stores but you dont have to pay sooo much.

cecilia143, Pawtucket, RI
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