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Angel Fresh® Fabric Softener Sheets, 40ct 

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Angel Fresh<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Fabric Softener Sheets, 40ct
Get irresistibly soft clothes straight from the dryer with Angel Fresh Fabric Softener Sheets. Reduces wrinkles and controls static cling. Light & fresh scent. Can also be used in coin-operated dryers.

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These are great! they make my clothes static free and smell great and all for an affordable price :)

spook_ya2006, Jacksonville, FL

The only brand I buy! Great price and they do the job!

weezy55, Wallingford, PA

Clearly a great bargain with a fresh, clean scent. I love tese dryer sheets, and I use nothing else but these.

ophelia436, Saint Marys, PA

I love these dryer sheets, great scent and leaves my clothes feeling soft!

helengivens, Louisville, KY
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