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Banquet Family Size Turkey and Gravy Dinner, 26oz 

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Banquet Family Size Turkey and Gravy Dinner, 26oz

Create an unforgettable feast on a budget with this Banquet Family Size Homestyle Gravy and Sliced Turkey Meal. Delicious as main course, this could be easily paired with mashed potatoes or brown & serve rolls.

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This product stinks! Save you $4.00 and get something good. I have been sick, and finally thought I could eat something today. It looked so good in the picture, so I got this and some instant mashed potato's. Heated it up, and it is not even close to tasting like turkey. Get yourself some pan roasted deli turkey and some good gravy and make your own. The gravy is not even any good.

mrbreezeet1, moundsville, WV

We love these meals when there just isn't time to stand at the stove and cook that night or when everyone has a different schedule that night. I can make them up as needed and we all get a delicious hot meal.

tonilynnaustin, Clinton, IN

Perfect for Turkey and budget friendly!

kneff819, Dugger, IN

Tastes great! The gravy is delicious and goes good over bread or potato's. Easy dinner for long work days...just pop it in the oven and wait.

GUNNOE2011, Wadsworth, OH

I have been eating this meal since I was a child and to find it at save a lot sure is a blessing because this is a healthy meal at a low price and my children love it for lunch and dinner!

alee4pa, Philadelphia, PA