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Ginger Evans Fancy Flake Coconut, 14oz 

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Ginger Evans<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Fancy Flake Coconut, 14oz
It's easy to make confections right in your own kitchen with Ginger Evans Fancy Flake Coconut. Sweet and delicious coconut is perfect for coconut cake, macaroons, and cookies.

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Excellent Value, 14 oz for about a buck sixty. 1.)not too sweet 2.)great for stews and soups 3.)desert also 4.)nice crunch; like it even THICKER, but my tastes are NOT the average. So, fine. 5.)Coconut is healthy superfood and 'helps you think.' The other brain food is fish and seafood. 6.)Both brands are similar and value similar - coconut flakes as snack. - The previous one from Hawaii and the Ginger Evans presently. 7.)Some folks are particularly attached to certains brands. So, please, please let the store managers know to tell customers IN ADVANCE. BEFORE changing brands. For example, the peach cans for one dollar. It would be time to stock up a LARGE QUANTITY if the brand were to change. However, most brand changes are similar over two or three years experience. Note, shop at Winn-D and S A L and sometimes even Publiccccs - when with friends.

workgold, Sun City Center, FL

This product tastes even better than famous name brand coconut items. High quality and a fraction of the cost of other brands!

bowsofvelvetm, Decatur, IL
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