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Fish Steaks In Hot Sauce, 3.75oz 

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Fish Steaks In Hot Sauce, 3.75oz

Cast your net for superior savings with Port Side Fish Steaks In Hot Sauce. A spicy alternative to tuna-try it for lunch today!

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I get ads for these in the paper but I never see them on the shelf. I'll not buy anything from Save a lot if I don't see these again. I told the mgr that I would buy a case at a time if he should get them in but I get the same old story, "come back Saturday" etc. They are always out.

Joke, Portland, OR

The PORT SIDE fish steaks in Louisiana hot sauce are just great. But I haven't seen them on the shelf for quite a while. Do I have to do my shopping elsewhere?

Pagofin, TN

I love these fish steaks, and if Save a Lot doesn't start stocking them again I may have to start shopping elsewhere!

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