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Port Side® Fish Sticks, 24oz 

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Port Side<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Fish Sticks, 24oz
Cast your net for superior savings with Port Side Fish Sticks-44-ct. Tender and delicious white fish sticks in a flavorful, crisp batter.

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My son is a very picky eater, but he loves these fish stick so please don't quit making them. Thanks, Angie.

ac4455, Porum, OK

Great product at a great price=just as good as name brands.

shopper12, Macomb, MI

These are excellent. I have tasted other fish sticks that were not good. But these are GREAT!!!!

krystal_mooningham, Elkton, KY

portside fish sticks,they cook good in the oven ,if u like fish sticks there the best .

frederick_williams23, Chicago, IL

Wow just as great as the name brands. The kids are pretty picky and will only eat van de kamps and we can fool them with these.

jmonkeyboo, Painesville, OH