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Port Side® Fish Sticks, 24oz 

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Port Side<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Fish Sticks, 24oz
Cast your net for superior savings with Port Side Fish Sticks-44-ct. Tender and delicious white fish sticks in a flavorful, crisp batter.

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This is not what I remember as a good fish stick. They are a sliver of fish with breading. My family did not like them. I like all the Portside prooducts and love -sav-alot. I guess I was too used to the minced fish sticks. sorry that is products but my comp. won't cooperate.

lsellis, Ocala, FL

You can fit 3 of these on a hamburger bun, slice of cheese and some mayo and relish, very tasty. The quality is so high that I assume that either Gordons or Mrs Pauls probably packages this for Save a Lot.

andwings2go, Port Richey, FL

Very good fish sticks. Remind me of my youth -- many, many years ago. I have tried many different brands of fish sticks looking for the taste I remembered and these come the closest. Very quick and easy to pop in the oven with some shoestring fries and add a salad and you have a quick and inexpensive meal.

SeaRose13, Jacksonville, FL

KID ALERT-For all of you parents out there...If you haven't given your kids fish sticks, do it! Kids like fish sticks a lot more than you might think. And these ones are delicious for me and my kid to enjoy together.

claytonclay, Brandon, FL