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Port Side® Fish Sticks, 24oz 

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Port Side<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Fish Sticks, 24oz
Cast your net for superior savings with Port Side Fish Sticks-44-ct. Tender and delicious white fish sticks in a flavorful, crisp batter.

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My son is a very picky eater, but he loves these fish stick so please don't quit making them. Thanks, Angie.

ac4455, Porum, OK

Great product at a great price=just as good as name brands.

shopper12, Macomb, MI

These are excellent. I have tasted other fish sticks that were not good. But these are GREAT!!!!

krystal_mooningham, Elkton, KY

portside fish sticks,they cook good in the oven ,if u like fish sticks there the best .

frederick_williams23, Chicago, IL

Wow just as great as the name brands. The kids are pretty picky and will only eat van de kamps and we can fool them with these.

jmonkeyboo, Painesville, OH

These aren't the size that you probably think they would be. Picture a fish stick a bit bigger than a french fry. They are really good though, and I highly recommend them.

roddybobby, Lakewood, CO

these fish sticks are just as good as the captain kind. I bought them and did not tell anyone I switched , every body loved them so I still buy them JUST TO KEEP THEM HAPPY!! :0)

peanutbeba, Clearwater, FL

My kids love these! I think they're the best fish stix out there by far! Best price too!!! Thank You Save a Lot

kelleg29, Jamestown, KY

My boys LOVE these fish sticks and I love the price! Great product!

candacephilpot, Mayking, KY

These are the best fish sticks!!! I bake them to make them a healthy meal and my family loves them.They bake up crispy just like if they had been fried.Try them and see!!!

garybeckymcdermott, Hope, AR

This is not what I remember as a good fish stick. They are a sliver of fish with breading. My family did not like them. I like all the Portside prooducts and love -sav-alot. I guess I was too used to the minced fish sticks. sorry that is products but my comp. won't cooperate.

lsellis, Ocala, FL

You can fit 3 of these on a hamburger bun, slice of cheese and some mayo and relish, very tasty. The quality is so high that I assume that either Gordons or Mrs Pauls probably packages this for Save a Lot.

andwings2go, Port Richey, FL

Very good fish sticks. Remind me of my youth -- many, many years ago. I have tried many different brands of fish sticks looking for the taste I remembered and these come the closest. Very quick and easy to pop in the oven with some shoestring fries and add a salad and you have a quick and inexpensive meal.

SeaRose13, Jacksonville, FL

KID ALERT-For all of you parents out there...If you haven't given your kids fish sticks, do it! Kids like fish sticks a lot more than you might think. And these ones are delicious for me and my kid to enjoy together.

claytonclay, Brandon, FL
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