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Flavored Coffees, 1.75oz 

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Flavored Coffees, 1.75oz
Enjoy the rich flavor of McDaniel's Flavored Coffee 11.5 oz. Perfectly ground for automatic drip coffee makers.

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Most people like to have their coffee the first thing in the morning.. which this coffee is very good. Don't worry about making too much.. why pay alot for an "iced coffee" when you can use your leftover coffee to make your own? Simply fill a cup with ice, add your cooled coffee, if you like sugar you can use that but I use SaveALot Splenda (I use 2 per 16 oz).. add some chocolate syrup or caramel or better yet.. BOTH! Top with some half & half or milk.. cover & shake to mix! This coffee is perfect hot or cold.. I like my hot coffee first thing in the morning & when it gets warm outside but I want that "pick me up" in the middle of the day (without the crash ha ha) make your own version of iced coffee at home for less than half of the price of places I won't mention! You can even blend it if you wish.. the options are up to you. Enjoy!

wilsontricia, Palm Bay, FL
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