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Coburn Farms® Flavored Whipped Cream Cheese, 8oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Flavored Whipped Cream Cheese, 8oz

Enjoy the light and airy taste of Coburn Farms Flavored Whipped Cream Cheese on your morning bagel. Smooth and creamy cream cheese is also great for toast and sandwiches.

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I like the whipped cream cheese for bagels and spreading on crackers, as it goes further. It still tastes very good.

watts4664, Panama City, FL

I use this to make my strawberry pretzel does a great job that keeps me coming back.

deb4limu, Caseyville, IL

I like to use whipped cream cheese in my recipes. It is very smooth and creamy and I always recommend it my Friends. The price is also great. Keep up the great work save-a-lot.

dianecollins11, O Brien, FL
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