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Four Cheese Pasta Sauce, 26oz 

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Four Cheese Pasta Sauce, 26oz
Create an authentic Italian meal right in your own kitchen with Ferratto's Four Cheese Pasta Sauce. Four rich cheeses combine to create an exceptionally creamy sauce, perfect for spaghetti, linguini, and pasta bakes.

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As a meal starter, this was just a good as more expensive name brands. A great way to stretch a buck!

redhot, Glassport, PA

I purchase this sauce frequently, It tastes just as good as a national brand I used to buy. Great quality at a great price. I use it for all my italian dishes.

springer579, EAST SPARTA, OH

Hi, i have been buying this sauce for YEARS. Just recently i noticed the label was changed. To my surprise the sauce taste has also changed. It went to light and fresh to heavy and gritty. It still says 4 cheese but i have most definately noticed that the recipe has changed. I am afraid i will no longer buy it. back to publix. WHAT HAPPENED?

nitasspot, Winter Springs, FL

Great flavor, perfect with any kind of pasta!!! mariateo

mariateo, Lutz, FL

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!! Straight to Italy in minutes!!!

thriftydivaclr, Orlando, FL