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Coburn Farms® French Onion Dip, 16oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> French Onion Dip, 16oz

Make your next party even more festive with Coburn Farms French Onion Dip. This creamy and tangy dip is great with chips and veggies.

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I thought it was just me but I constantly tell people that Save-A-Lots french onion dip tastes better than any other french onion dip. Please don't change it!

jim.schenck, Ste Genevieve, MO

This is the best dip ever. It's great with Cactus Joe dipping corn chips. I use it on baked potatoes and as a vegetable dip. I also spread it on sour dough toast.

pcastleb, Dunnellon, FL

This is the best dip! I have always loved Mayfield French Onion Dip and this is as good or better and CHEAPER! Love it!!

chiefpig, Epworth, GA

BEST DIP EVER!!! Love this dip, will go miles out of my way to get it. It also makes a flavorful substitute for sour cream in your favorite recipes.


My absolute favorite french onion dip ever! Don't ever change the formula!