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Port Side® Frozen Cod Filets, 16oz 

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Port Side<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Frozen Cod Filets, 16oz
Cast your net for superior savings with Port Side Frozen Cod Filets. Tender cod filets, flash-frozen to preserve freshness.

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we love fish but can't seem to cook it right -and haven't been eating it like we should!!! exspecially since we're getting older and need all that it provides us. WELL SHUT THE DOOR!! NO MORE!!!WE LOVE THESE!!easy to prepare -not to much breading or grease!!! NOW WE EAT THEM EVERY WEEK!!!SOMETIMES 2 TIMES A WEEK!!!EASY ,FAST,GREATTTT!!THANK YOU SAVE A LOT FOR CARRYING THESE!!!

dreamsftmyers, ft.myers, FL

Great cod!

quickt, Port Orange, FL

Hubby is really picky when it comes to fish. He is a fisherman and loves his fresh catches but when the freezer is empty of fresh catches he actually likes Portside Cod Fillets and that is saying a whole lot.

mopcopsop, Westland, MI
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