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Tipton Grove Frozen Whole Strawberries, 16oz 

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Tipton Grove<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Frozen Whole Strawberries, 16oz
Enjoy the fresh-picked taste of Tipton Grove Frozen Whole Strawberries. Delicious frozen strawberries have fresh-picked flavor and are excellent for desserts and baked goods.

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We enjoy these strawberries' taste and appreciate them not having any sugar added. .Under Nutrition Facts, serving size is given as 1 cup and 3 servings per container; however, I've never been able to get 3 cups of strawberries and/or juice from 1 package!


We buy 5 of these at a time. Great for smoothies!!!

crm23, Lancaster, NY

Nice size frozen strawberries! Great for your favorite smoothie recipe:)

deborah.walker, Thonotosassa, FL

I buy a bag of these a week to use in vanilla yogurt to save money. I chop them up using my food processor. My husband enjoys yogurt this way and so do I!


Really useful ideas!

rom58, West Union, SC