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Baked Fresh® Garlic Bread Sticks, 12oz 

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Baked Fresh<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Garlic Bread Sticks, 12oz
Why go out when you can prepare an authentic Italian meal right in your own kitchen with these Baked Fresh Garlic Bread Sticks? The ideal accompaniment for pasta, pizza, or any meal. Bake up fresh from your oven in minutes!

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These are awesome! My boys and I love them with pasta, and they are great with marinara too!

durantsdaughter, Akron, OH

I definitely enjoy the flavor of these garlic breadsticks, especially when they're baked golden brown in the oven. I like serving them on the side of a chicken ceasar salad, or with some homeade lasagna. A tasty, inexpensive way to round out a meal!

equinlan, Tampa, FL

not quite as garlic flavored as expected; maybe it's the oil throwing the flavor off.

epiphysis3, Clearwater, FL

Loved these. If you are adventurous, try deep frying them.


These are a great addition to a spaghetti dinner, always the perfect amount of seasoning

amandabagnola, canton, OH
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