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Mantia's Garlic Toast, 11.25oz 

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Mantia's<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Garlic Toast, 11.25oz
Create your own Italian masterpiece with Mantia's Garlic Toast. Delicious, crusty garlic bread-fresh from your oven in minutes. Sure to dress up any pasta night!

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Very addictive! Went perfect with my famous spaghetti! Or a juicy steak and potatoes and texas toast.

devidanewman, Silver Spring, MD

I add some shredded cheese and bacon bits to the top of my garlic toast and put under broiler....better than any restaurant in town

susiekingfish, clearwater, FL

My family loves Mantia's Garlic Toast! It is every bit as good as the national brand, but it costs much less! It really makes our pasta dinners complete!

amadse1015, Climax Springs, MO

Mantia's Garlic Texas Toast is the first choice in our home. We previously purchased Pepperidge Farm and Cole's Texas Toast until we found this at Sav-A-Lot. It costs half what we were paying at Publix for the other brands and, in our opinion, tastes better, too.


Just as good as Texas Toast brand or Pepperidge Farms. Great with any Italian meal. Also great on French Onion Soup!

tbright_2003, Church Hill, TN
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