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J. Higgs® Gourmet Crackers, 16oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Gourmet Crackers, 16oz

Get artisan taste without the price with J. Higgs gourmet crackers. Crisp and delicious crackers are perfect for hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, and snacks anytime.

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We have chosen these crackers for a good many years now, as we like the quality and the price. However, now there is a new packaging with the crackers separated. This appreared to be more convenient -- but the incidence of broken crackers is so high it is tempting to 'shop around'. There are three long packs with too much space in the box. Perhaps a smaller box size would keep the crackers from breaking. If you are concerned shoppers would think they were getting less for their money, you could add one cracker to each pack with the slogan on the box: "New box - same as before; with a few more!"

froststuddiford, St Petersburg, FL

These are thee best crackers ever. Too bad they're not for sale in Nova Scotia!

Eddie2, R R 1 Brookfield
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