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Coburn Farms® Grade A Large Eggs, 18ct 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Grade A Large Eggs, 18ct
Get all the wholesome goodness you want at a fraction of the price with Coburn Farms Grade A Large Eggs. Rich-tasting and healthy eggs are great for breakfast, lunch, and all your baking needs.

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taste like fresh eggs, but you get a lot more for the price


Great taste and value! Plus,I like that they state on thier packaging that all their eggs are sanitized :O)

QuirkyJoe, Maryville, TN

I use these eggs every day. I love the great value.

tiffanydas, China, MI

Good Price, local, very fresh.

joymarie, Lancaster, NY

I love eggs as part of my daily diet, and these eggs are always fresh and taste good. Waking up with hunger pains is nothing to really worry about if I have some eggs in the fridge. I cook them different ways, over easy, scrambled, pouched, whatever. I like sharing my eggs with true friends and family. They enjoy being served a hot cooked meal with some coffee or juice. They always compliment me on the taste, but honestly, these eggs do all the work, I just whip them together.

abraham.a.luna, Tampa, FL