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Green Peppers, 1lb 

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Green Peppers, 1lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Produce on your next grocery trip. Fresh Produce varies from store to store, so keep your eyes out for great fresh specials!

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Although I love all of the produce at Sav A Lot, lately, the store I shop at has had really old Green Peppers. I really have to pick through them to get one that is not already almost rotten (very soft and molded). It didn't used to be this way at all. I use Green Peppers when I cook all the time, whether it's in a salad or for cooking chili or some sort of Mexican Style Dish. I'm probably going to have to speak to the store manager about the issue because it's just not getting any better and has gone on now for about 3 months. Otherwise, I absolutely love Sav A Lot food, especially Fresh Produce. Thanks!

dst1964, Longboat Key, FL

I buy green peppers here all the time. Very good quality and always the best price in town.

BulletinUpdates, Ravenswood, WV

The best bell pepper at the best price in town. My kids loved my stuffed bell peppers. This year I am chopping them up to put them in the freezer for the winter. It is cheaper than raising them in the garden. I use them in everything including hamburgers.

barbara4355, Corinth, MS

I had to comment on the size of the bell peppers I got!!! They were the biggest, freshest peppers I've ever bought! Made some GIANT stuffed peppers (halves - because they were so big)!! Delicious= 0 )

deborah.walker, Thonotosassa, FL

this is the cheapest I have ever seen these bell peppers. I thought that they would be soft and on the small side. I was surprised to see that they were large, crispy, and very tasty.

velvetaurora2003, Holland, MI