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Ground Beef, 1lb 

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Ground Beef, 1lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Meat on your next grocery trip. Fresh Meat varies from store to store, so keep your eye out for great specials!

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This is by far the cheapest beef you can buy but you would never know it by the taste. It tastes like any other beef I have had so why spend more on the same meat at a different store

censing800, Allendale, MI

My family absolutely will not buy any other ground beef!! Most ground beef smells terrible while being cooked, this does not. Always very tender and tastes great!!

cmc_tew, Peebles, OH

Haven't found any better ground chuck at Save a Lot price!!!

shopster, Attica, NY

The hamburger meat at Save-A-Lot is very good, and priced reasonably.

janinecmiller, Kent, NY

Very fresh and way cheaper than any other store.

aliswel5, Alabaster, AL