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Kurtz® Hickory Barbeque Sauce, 28oz 

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Kurtz<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Hickory Barbeque Sauce, 28oz
Liven up your meal with Kurtz Hickory Barbeque Sauce. Sweet and tangy flavor is great on chicken, beef, & pork!

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This has to be the best bbq sauce out there! We slow cook a pork loin in the oven with veggies for one meal & then take the left over meat, cut it up, & mix it with Kurt's BBQ sauce for our next meal. Pretty awesome flavor, beats going out for BBQ. :O)

carebearannie, Altavista, VA

have received many good comments on this sauce - it tastes so good I 'm lookin' for other things to put it on....yum!!

billmcgrath808, Leesburg, FL

Great product and excellent taste for such an inexpensive price.


Excellent flavor for a cheap BBQ sauce!

trustyrusty, holiday, FL

Love the BBQ sauces

dmorris, Weston, WV
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