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Cowboy Billy's® Homestyle Beans, 16oz 

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Cowboy Billy's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Homestyle Beans, 16oz

Take the hassle out of home-cooking with Cowboy Billy's Homestyle Beans. A perfect blend of tangy sauce, bacon and brown sugar. Delicious beans cooked in a savory sauce are a perfect side for hot dogs, bratwurst, or sausage.

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These are (by far) the best baked beans! I usually add molasses, bacon and a little spice to my baked beans to kick up the flavor. These beans are so perfectly seasoned that leftovers are a thing of the past. For a spicier version, add a can of chili to two cans of baked beans.

mommy2lile, MO

My grandson really dislikes baked beans, when I gave him these his mind was changed. Now I buy them just for him.

mirinda, La Belle, FL

These are BETTER than the more expensive kind. Was a great addition to our barbecue.

simonnej, Madison, MS

these beans are now my favorite beans....we used to be faithful to Bush's baked we are faithful Cowboy Billy's delicious!

ellenlmueller, Pleasant Hill, MO

Bush beans have always been our favorite, Cowboy Billys Beans are just as good and have become our favorite at a fraction of the cost!

susanperovich, Ulysses, PA