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Bramley's® Honey, 24oz 

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Bramley's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Honey, 24oz
Get sweetness straight from the bees with Bramley's Honey. Delicious, pure honey at a fraction of the cost of competitors' brands.

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We enjoyed it and I have no complaints. I just would like to know if it is pasteurized. It is not specified in the label. I believe it's an important information to be clearly stated.

Sanper36, Glen, FL

I was just wondering if this honey still has the pollen in it. I just read an article stating that over 75% of Honey is having it's pollen filtered out of it. And some is actually coming from China and being disguised as American Honey.

Missy37, West Chicago, IL

this "honey" is just awful. it pours like corn syrup and is about as sweet as it. i looked on the bottle for the ingredients but they don't list them. it didn't occur to me at the time it might not be the real thing. this says '100% pure'...pure what? coloring a sweet, semi-viscous liquid brown and putting it in a honey shaped bottle does not make it honey. i wish the bottle stated what it really was before i wasted money.


The honey is great quality & a the price is a real value.

dreas1970, Jacksonville, FL

The honey is great quality & a real value for your money.

dreas1970, Jacksonville, FL