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Kiggins Honey Nut Cereal, 14oz 

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Kiggins<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Honey Nut Cereal, 14oz
Make a tasty and nutritious breakfast with Kiggins Honey Nut Cereal. Crunchy, lightly sweetened cereal is delicious topped with your favorite fruit-try it with strawberries, blueberries, or bananas!

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Delicious. Tastes as good or better than honey nut cheerios.

kenjamin1, New Port Richey, FL

Fantastic Cereal, exactly like the "Name Brand" at a fraction of the price,only shop at Save A Lot. All Store brands are excellent. I save over $80.00 every time I shop from what I used to spend at other stores. I can really put that extra cash to good use.

sjs62097, Scottsburg, IN
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