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Kiggins Honey Puffs Sweetened Puffs Cereal, 15.3oz 

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Kiggins<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Honey Puffs Sweetened Puffs Cereal, 15.3oz
Keep the whole family happy with Kiggins Honey Puffs Cereal. Sweetened puffed rice cereal is a fun and easy way to start the day.

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Hit with my children and great price !!

krystal_baby_2000, Salisbury, NC

my all time favorite! i would buy boxes of these.

slyuchan414, Hemet, CA

These are great! Taste just as good as Sugar Smacks

alexa.royle, Frankfort, KY

These were really great. My family enjoys them.

jeanette.frazier, Lancaster, TX

Tastes like the name brand Honey Nut Cheerios and lots cheaper.

dentam, Belle, MO