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Bramley's® Honey, 24oz 

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Bramley's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Honey, 24oz
Get sweetness straight from the bees with Bramley's Honey. Delicious, pure honey at a fraction of the cost of competitors' brands.

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Horrible honey. Don't buy it! Full of bees wax and turned white. From china and will make you sick!


I try to shop for the most nutritious, most local, and freshest food, and I'm disappointed that you do not list the source of this honey. I suspect it is imported from China a boiled up with corn syrup, or else you would cite the source on the bottle. Please stock more nutritious, unadulterated and traceable products.


Hi: Give more information about this product golden honey (bramley's) is about the nitrition scale.

Luispapo24, Tampa, FL

This is the best honey I have ever bought. It is very flavorful, and priced just right! I tell everyone I know that Save-a-Lot is the best place to buy their honey.

terrylynn8, Zephyrhills, FL