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Coburn Farms® Hot Cocoa Mix 10 Pk, 10oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Hot Cocoa Mix 10 Pk, 10oz
Indulge your taste for chocolate with Coburn Farms Hot Cocoa Mix 10-Pack. Ten individually-wrapped packets of instant hot cocoa. Just add water for a hot, delicious treat in an instant!

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This is very creamy and tasty. I drink this some morning instead of coffee. My grandson loves it too and likes to make his own. Good value.

watts4664, Panama City, FL

nice and chocolately!!

amyuspbio, Upper Darby, PA

My whole family loves this cocoa-we no longer buy any other brand. The kids like theirs with marshmallows, and the adults like to mix 1 packet into a large mug of coffee and top it off with Coburn Farms aerosol Whipped Topping.Yum!!


My kids love this hot chocolate it taste the same as swiss miss and cost me alot less

Ntpalinda4u2, Silver Springs, FL

I happened to be at Save-A-Lot when my husband called to request that I buy some hot cocoa. I usually buy one of the leading brands, but I decided to try Coburn Farms. I wasn't sure if I would like it as much, but I found that it tastes just as good as the leading brand and it costs a lot less! I'm definitely a convinced Save-A-Lot shopper.

lildbcakes, Akron, OH
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