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Coburn Farms® Hot Cocoa No Sugar Added, 4.2oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Hot Cocoa No Sugar Added, 4.2oz
Indulge your taste for chocolate without the added sugar with Coburn Farms Hot Cocoa No Sugar Added. Just add water for a hot, delicious treat in an instant!
  • Low Sugar

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We really liked Coburn Farms™ Hot Cocoa No Sugar Added 4.2 oz. Now our save a lot has said they will not order it any more, because they do not have room on shelf. This was a hot seller and was always out of stock when they did have it. We would buy it by the case. Now they put another item which just sits there so the stockers will not have to over work I guess. Do you know where I can buy Coburn Farms™ Hot Cocoa No Sugar Added ? Thanks if you can let me know, zip 32935

papan3bears, Melbourne, FL

I have been using this product for quite a while now. When I asked at my local save a lot, I was told that it was discontinued. What should I do about this. Evidently it was the incorrect information I was given.

olderperson, St Louis, MO

I crave hot chocolate made with this cocoa every day. I use sweetener and low fat milk so it doesn't have many calories or fat. When the price almost doubled this month I started looking for another brand but so far, nothing compares.

rbncb, Princeton, IN

This hot cocoa is sooooo good! I love to drink it alone or add it to my coffee in the morning to make it into an inexpensive mocha! It "saves me alot" to make my own instead of going to the coffee shop to buy it :O)

dcjanish, Cowlesville, NY

This hot cocoa mix is a true treat. I am always watching my weight - and this mix really helps keep my wallet fat - and my waist thin! I love hot cocoa and this brand is great!!

Phylomina, North Wildwood, NJ