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Banquet Hot N Spicy Wings, 14oz 

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Banquet Hot N Spicy Wings, 14oz
Spice things up with these Banquet Hot N Spicy Wings. Juicy chicken wings in a hot and tangy barbeque sauce will be a hit at any occasion. Great for parties, games or snacks!

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These things are so good! They do not taste like frozen at all. And no greasy like the ones you would get from take out!

Stacia, Norway, ME

My husband and i have been bying these by the boxes because they are so good and they are crispy when come out the oven unlike most oven wings all soft and mushy and savealot has a better price.

laki.gregg, Americus, GA

These are the best hot wings we have tried...just the right amount of spiciness!

jlopez, Philadelphia, PA

We bought several of these to use for a cookout/family get together that we had! They were inexpensive, delicious, and hard to keep enough on the serving platters! They were juicy, not too spicy but enough to make it tangy to the tongue.

MWJ3, Braman, OK

These hot wings are quick and easy to make on a week night. They are delicious dipped in a little ranch dressing.

kelseyann3, Baltimore, MD