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Kurtz® Hot Sauce, 12fl oz 

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Kurtz<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Hot Sauce, 12fl oz

Bring home the best with Kurtz Hot Sauce. Adds zesty flavor to all your favorites-wings, chili, nachos, and more!

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Kurtz Louisiana Hot Sauce is AT LEAST as good as the name brand Tabasco sauce. I actually prefer Kurt brand, as in my opinion it's a little thicker and stays on food better. It also tastes great in V8 juice, on fries, Mac & cheese, on dill pickles, etc

Suchiazski, Gloversville, NY

I like things spicy and hot and this products goes good on any kind of meat. I leave the skin on the chicken so on the grill I let it get real crispy and then lightly salted. The fried skin is a spicy treat and then the chicken.

GGBrown, Carlisle, OH

I really enjoyed this. I have yet to find anything like it that I actually like

lberger1, Florissant, MO

My husband absoutely loved this dip. He wants me to make it for an upcoming party, it was so good even the kids ate it. I was surprised that it was such a hit since it was so simple to make

toledokab1, Brandon, FL

kurt's hot sauce is the bomb diggity. the best tasing hot sauce around.

rossy1899, Chicago, IL