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J. Higgs® Hot & Spicy Crunch, 11oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Hot & Spicy Crunch, 11oz
Your next party is sure to be a hit when you serve this J. Higgs Hot & Spicy Crunch. Crunchy with an intense spicy flavor. Baked not fried-try them instead of chips for school lunches!

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My son loves these and they are cheaper than hot cheetos.. he says they taste just as good too

becky219, Arabi, GA

Wow, these are very tasty. The crunch is incredible too! They are as good as or better than the leading national brand, they do not taste like a "store brand" they are excellent.


This chips are Great Better Then Hot Cheetos They are cheesey and Spicy and tasty

LetreC42, Wichita, KS