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Fairgrounds® Jumbo Beef Franks, 16oz 

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Fairgrounds<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Jumbo Beef Franks, 16oz
Have an unforgettable barbeque any night of the week with these Fairgrounds Jumbo Beef Franks. Extra-large beef franks are great grilled, boiled, or pan-fried. Try them at your next party!

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I only eat hot dogs in the warmer months (barbecue season) and these are the only hotdogs I buy. They are just as tastey as any national brand &, of course, you can't beat the price. The everyday price is much cheaper than most "SALE" prices on the national brands.


I had these at a fundraiser I wish I had known how bad they were I would have donated more money to not eat them

num5foster, k.c. mo

These hot dogs are great! They taste just as good as the name brand, but cost less! We have several cook-outs every summer and nobody can tell the difference!

jakeandnoahsmom, Newburgh Heights, OH

I love hotdogs but I am very picky and have had a hard time find a brand I enjoy. These are the best!! I only buy hotdogs at Sav-A-Lot and bologna too! The price is right as well which is very helpful! Thanks!!

msamy32, Highland Park, MI

We drive 8 miles to Save-a-Lot just to buy these hotdogs. They are juicy & have so much flavor that all other brands pale in comparison.

parduecm, Zeeland, MI