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World's Fair® Junior Pops, 16.5oz 

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World's Fair<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Junior Pops, 16.5oz

In great flavors like Cherry, Grape and Orange, World's Fair Junior Pops are the perfect summertime treat for your youngsters.

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Most of the time when I buy fruit ice cream it doesn't taste very good... or it tastes extremely FAKE. Not this one. These have a great flavor and are EXTREMELY addictive. It's a great snack for an even BETTER price

monstermartha, Helena, AL

You just cannot beat the price of this ice cream. It is awesome to have a few boxes of the assorted types to keep on hand when that ice cream truck comes barreling through the neighborhood enticing all of our children out of the yards to the street to sell their overpriced ice cream. Now my children run to my freezer instead of the road...much safer and cheaper.

carolbabicz, Utica, NY

good tasting, good price! Kids really love them!

masmith, Newaygo, MI

I love these popsicles! They taste just as good as the more expensive brands! Glad i found them!

mylesmomma2010, Inverness, FL

Great value for the money! Great for kids to enjoy on a hot summer day. My son LOVES these! Thanks so much!

bekiperschbacher, Hillsboro, MO