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Baumann's Best® Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce, 18oz 

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Baumann's Best<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce, 18oz

Baumann's Best Kansas City Style barbecue sauce is Save-A-Lot's exclusive, premium KC-styled barbecue sauce. Baumann's Best is the "Sauce for the Grill."

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We love this sauce. It's perfect as a dip, but also handles grilling or slow-roasting without burning. It's great on pulled pork, chicken, sloppy joes, anything. Delicious!

wadfordj, Archer, FL

My uncle bought some and it was pretty good.My store also keeps Sweet Baby Ray's in stock so i always buy it.The best bbq sauce in a bottle IMO.

trustyrusty, holiday, FL

This is the best sauce you carry and I like it better than national named brands. Get rid of the rest and keep this one, it's all you need.


Question: Why do you guys sell three different bbque sauces under separate names when all is needed is ONE of good quality.I've tried all the others & I'm not a fan of any of them. This one however is a winner. It actually taste & smells delicious * rivals any nation brand on the market. GET RID OF THE OTHERS!!!!


great sauce for spare ribs

phaedra0506, Lexington, KY