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Kurtz® K.C. Style BBQ Sauce, 18oz 

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Kurtz<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> K.C. Style BBQ Sauce, 18oz

Liven up your meal with Kurtz K.C. Style Barbeque Sauce. Sweet and spicy flavor is great on chicken & pork!

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My husband I love this BBQ sauce. We have tried many brands and we both agree , this one is by far the best!

SharonCS, Weston, WV

i love the taste of this BBQ sauce. i will buy it over any other brand name one

pawakefield, Hernando, FL

This is the best BBQ sauce that they have. My store has discontined it. I'm going to ask the manager to order me a case of it.

CSR, Greenville, TX

This is a really good BBQ sauce and an incredible value! Use it for grilling or pour it on meat in a slow cooker to make an easy and delicious bbq beef, pork or chicken!

bobarah, Warren, OH

Kurtz K.C. Bar BQ Sauce is wonderful, absolutely perfect and a great price. What more could you ask for!

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