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Coburn Farms® Kid's Cotton Candy & Cherry Yogurt, 24oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Kid's Cotton Candy & Cherry Yogurt, 24oz
Give them the taste they want with the nutrition you're after with Coburn Farms Kid's Cotton Candy & Cherry Yogurt. Super-fun flavors in a healthy snack.

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My kids love these! great price

cara1226, New Haven, MO

My daughter is BASOLUTELY in LOVE with this yogurt. She is such a little actress because just yesterday she realized she ate her last one and tells me "MOMMY! OH NO, Its my last one! You know my day is not complete without my morning yogurt...and HAS HAS HAS to be the cotton candy!!!" Thank Heaven she found something healthy to be obsessed with!!!

brook.meadow, New Castle, DE

My grandkids love this yogurt for a cool treat on a hot day. It's a quick, healthy snack at a good price

mgrose, Campton, KY

This yogurt is kid approved! The kids think it's candy! tee hee


If we are rushed in the morning I take the blender out put in a cup of this a cup of apple juice, a cup of frozen blueberrys and instant fruit smoothie, yum.

seasidesharon, hudson, FL
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