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Coburn Farms® Kid's Strawberry Banana & Watermelon Yogurt, 24oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Kid's Strawberry Banana & Watermelon Yogurt, 24oz
Give them the taste they want with the nutrition you're after with Coburn Farms Kid's Strawberry Banana & Watermelon Yogurt. Super-fun flavors in a healthy snack.

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A fine, creamy, delicious yogurt at fifty cents per each six ounce serving.

garrison, Cincinnati, OH

My toddler loves this!

SharoninFlorida, Jacksonville, FL

Terrific flavor and very happy kids. They love to have this with some Granola and Bananas as a Parfait. I love that it is so affordable.

nrthcntrykate, Jefferson, NH

my 3 &12 year olds love it and i love the colored smile on my little one and the smile on mine at checkout. the $ is great. only problem is it goes to fast in this house.

minnownicely, Levittown, PA
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