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Ginger Evans® Light Brown Sugar, 32oz 

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Ginger Evans<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Light Brown Sugar, 32oz

It's easy to make confections right in your own kitchen with Ginger Evans Light Brown. Sugar. The rich flavor of the national brands at a fraction of the price!

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I love using their brown sugar...when it's produced right. Several times I've purchased it & it doesn't doesn't contain enough molasses which is what makes it different from granulated sugar. I'm a professional baker & believe me, it makes a difference. I must say though, they gladly refund my money if I return the time.

mombuckham, Shelby, OH

The best --always in my kitchen

lsellis, Ocala, FL

I just LOVE Ginger Evans Light Brown Sugar! It's moist, is the best tasting, sweetest brown sugar I have ever used, and never clumps. The recipes on the packages are superb, and always make my family smile. This product is awesome!!!

Chata_Ren, Bethlehem, GA
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