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Coburn Farms® Light Peach Yogurt, 6oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Light Peach Yogurt, 6oz

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy treat with Coburn Farms Light Peach Yogurt. Smooth and creamy yogurt is delicious for breakfast or snacks!

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I just love this item because it is as good or better than yoplait with less calories and fat and sugar and a much better price thanks

ladypanda1950, Silver Springs, FL

This is by far the best yogurt I've ever had. It is absolute perfection!!!

ducklingcutie1981, Concord, NC

I have always been very picky about my yogurt so when I tried Coburn Peach yogurt I was shocked, this is the very best I've ever tasted! I will no longer pay outrageous prices for brand name yogurts when I can enjoy the creamy rich flavor of all the Coburn yogurts and save money. Thank you Save a Lot!

greyhoundnana, Buffalo, NY
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