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Coburn Farms® Light Strawberry Yogurt, 6oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Light Strawberry Yogurt, 6oz

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy treat with Coburn Farms Light Strawberry Yogurt. Smooth and creamy yogurt is delicious for breakfast or snacks!

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Very good value and has a lower calorie count that the regular yogurt, but just as delicious. Try to pack some in my lunch almost every day.

cjjack953, Orrville, OH

Very Good Taste and a Good Value

scasnys, Milwaukee, WI

I love yogurt..and was skeptical about buying this brand, but for the price, i bought a few of them to try, and they were delicious...I was pleasantly suprised, and it has become a regular item on my save-a-lot shopping list.

krwyers, Tuscaloosa, AL
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