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Coburn Farms® Low Fat Blueberry, 8oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Low Fat Blueberry, 8oz

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy treat with Coburn Farms Low-Fat Blueberry Yogurt. Smooth and creamy yogurt is delicious for breakfast or snacks!

  • Low Fat

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I wrote a review above about the gelatin and I'd like to pass this along to others who are concerned about these things. I was able to send an email in to Save a lot stores about this issue and it was resolved quickly and professionally. By the way, the gelatin used is from beef. I still love this yogurt, it's good for you and tastes great!

wheresthebeef, Ten Mile, TN

Delicious and still cheaper than store brands. My favorite flavor!


These are fast becoming my FAVORITE yogurt!! Cannot believe how inexpensive they are!!!

bregan, Daytona Beach, FL

I was buying this yogurt and enjoying it until I saw the word GELATIN in the ingredients, It's got a great flavor and only 43 cent per container where I had begun buying around 9 or 10 dollars worth at a time. I stopped because I need to know if the gelatin is kosher or not. Please let us know! Thank you!

wheresthebeef, Ten Mile, TN

Please do not change a thing and keep putting out the almost non extinct full 8 ounce yogurt Peach is good too and Cherry the best

cudaguy74, Spfld, MA