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Coburn Farms® Low Fat Cottage Cheese, 24oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Low Fat Cottage Cheese, 24oz
Try this delicious Coburn Farms Low-Fat Cottage Cheese as a healthy afternoon snack. This low-fat cottage cheese is also great in lunches, casseroles, and baked pastas.
  • Low Fat

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I've tried some very popular name brand low-fat cottage cheese and Coburn Farm's is the best. The taste and consistency are perfect. People who don't shop at Save-a-Lot don't know what they are missing by not having Coburn Farms!

bcjdhkk, Paw Paw, MI

This cottage cheese is the best.

monarch697, Panama City, FL

I love cottage cheese. I've tried many brands and Coburn Farms cannot be beat. I can't find anything that compares to it. In my opinion, it is the best.


One of the superior varieties of cottage cheese on the market, coupled with a low pricepoint, makes this product a daily dietary staple. Its texture is on par with some of its pricier peers within this category. Furthermore, many consumers will be smitten with its superlative gastronomical richness and flavor. Overall, a very cost-effective dairy product that will leave the taste buds satiated.

lp8681, Largo, FL

This is the best cottage cheese I can find!!!! I've tried other brands from Meijer or Walmart, and this is by far so much better! My husband and I don't buy any other kind anymore!

kelso871, Grand Rapids, MI