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So Cheezy® Mac & Cheese, 7.25oz 

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So Cheezy<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Mac & Cheese, 7.25oz

Get the rich, creamy flavor of the national brands at a fraction of the price with So-Cheezy Mac & Cheese. Tender macaroni in a gooey cheese sauce. Easy to make!

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This tastes as good as the much higher priced brand name mac and cheese. As with any of these packages it is easy to add your own special touch such as crisp bacon, ant melting cheese, vegetables etc. It is very versatile. Great taste...GREAT PRICE!


I love this product, as good as the rest. I add broccoli or other veggies, yummy. When I make it instead of putting the powdered cheese in the pot with the pasta and milk I put the milk and cheese in a cup mix and then pour into pasta and stir. Much easier and should be included in the mix directions. Otherwise, great stuff. I make a couple packages at a time and freeze in single serving packs for anytime.

gretastein12, bradenton, FL

I love cheezymac&cheese ,it is good to eat and it adds more to the dish.

frederick_williams23, Chicago, IL

I love cheezymac&cheese ,it is good to eat and it adds more to the dish.

frederick_williams23, Chicago, IL

Mac and Cheese is my comfort food. This stuff is BETTER than Kraft. Soooo goood!


Love your mac & Cheese it's a hit.

barbkimbrough, Detroit, MI



This is my favorite brand of boxed macaroni & cheese. It tastes as good as or better than even name brands and you can't beat the price!


Very cost effective, my kids love it! Highly recommend that you give this a try.


We have our 5 yr old grandson after school. He loves mac and cheese for an after school snack!! This product is perfect for him and it saves us tons of money on food costs!!

anna6274, paris, IL

This is my family's favorite brand of mac and cheese! It tastes great and yields more food than national brands. It costs less and is a better value.

ironthis, FL

I really like this. Very easy and VERY inexpensive. =) Its a nice meal for my husband to make when I work late. And its a great quick meal for the kids.

twocutedimples22, Warren, MI

This is the only Mac & Cheese my kids will eat. At almost a third of the cost of name brand and great taste you can"t go wrong.

lushtimes5, Mansfield, OH

i was so suprised to the delicious taste of this mac n cheese. once i took one bite of this delicious mac n cheese i knew that never agian would i buy kraft maceroni and cheese, i knew in the bottom of my heart if i bought the kraft brand i would be giving my money away to corporate america, and corporate america is bad.

darkmaster4000, Painesville, OH

I was surprised that this brand could taste just as good as the national brand at a fraction of the cost. A great addition to the family budget and good eats for the kids!


These are great. tasts just like craft and for 35 cents you can not beat it.

raptel, levittown, PA
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