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Cowboy Billy's® Maple & Bacon Beans, 28oz 

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Cowboy Billy's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Maple & Bacon Beans, 28oz

Take the hassle out of home-cooking with Cowboy Billy's Maple-Bacon Beans. Delicious beans cooked in a savory maple-bacon sauce are a perfect side for hot dogs, bratwurst, or sausage.

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This is a great product to use for creating dinner that is totally cool. To this product you can add beef hot dogs cut up into bite size pieces, meat from a pork chop and/ or chicken breast. Add a little ketchup to taste and simmer for 1/2 hour. You can then pour this over rice or noodles. Great way to stretch your food and tasty too.

susanmdir, Saint Cloud, FL

These are the best baked beans i have ever tasted, and that's a lot. I always end up having to "doctor" them to make them as flavorful as I would like. These even surpass homemade!

bgp.treetop, Cape May, NJ

Cowboy Billys' Maple and Bacon baked beans are the smoothest tasting beans I have ever had. They have just the right amount of maple flavor without being overly sweet and the beans are not overcooked like some others. I will slice hot dogs, fry in a pan and add the beans or do the same with hamburger add a salad or vegetable and you have a quick and easy meal that even kids love...

deelitz12, north port, FL

This product has a very good flavor. I would compare this to Bush Beans.

tmarciniak, Spring Hill, FL

these are very good and reasonably priced too.

fmg120, Rochester, NY