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Cowboy Billy's® Maple & Bacon Beans, 28oz 

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Cowboy Billy's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Maple & Bacon Beans, 28oz

Take the hassle out of home-cooking with Cowboy Billy's Maple-Bacon Beans. Delicious beans cooked in a savory maple-bacon sauce are a perfect side for hot dogs, bratwurst, or sausage.

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Better than high dollar brand name. My kids always ask for cowboy billys.

spoiled_1, Ten Mile, TN

Awesome flavor. Took these camping and kids loved the maple flavor.

ctolin, Onekama, MI

These beans are great. They give a certain dog a run for it's money. Great price and great taste!

mjco34788, Leesburg, FL

we really like Cowboy Billy's® Maple & Bacon Beans. They are better than the Bushes beans anytime. We are getting ready to try the other of Cowboy Billy's beans. Thanks and I hope you can keep them in stock all the time. We really enjoy them. And the price is great.

kippster, Arnold, MO

These are delish!!

browneyes6551, Saint Louis, MO