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Cowboy Billy's® Maple & Bacon Beans, 28oz 

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Cowboy Billy's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Maple & Bacon Beans, 28oz

Take the hassle out of home-cooking with Cowboy Billy's Maple-Bacon Beans. Delicious beans cooked in a savory maple-bacon sauce are a perfect side for hot dogs, bratwurst, or sausage.

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My husband and I just tried these baked beans; and loved them. They are the best baked beans we have ever had, straight out of the can. We travel the country in a semi, so we've tried a lot. These will become a staple in our truck. Hopefully we will be able to continue to find them in our local store.

Genzelrose, South Coffeyville, OK

I give a thumbs down to Billy Cowboys baked beans original seasoned with Bacon and Brown sugar. The product did not provide a pleasant taste due to the overpowering seasoning which (in my opinion) had a burnt bacon heavily sugared taste.

davbar, 33020

Delicious! I can not come home without my son's Cowboy Billy's, he would lock me out of the house :)


We love the flavors with the beans and just as good as name brands - but love the $$. Serve them with any type of sausage!

BarbJS, Port Orchard, WA

We have a store cook out every year and these are always everyones favorite!

hayley_michelle08, Crossville, TN

great flavor no doctoring required

shirleythomasrn, Owings Mills, MD

these beans taste great. no doctoring need. i can eat them straight out of the can-cold

shirleythomasrn, Owings Mills, MD

These are my favorite beans.They have great maple flavor and aren't too sweet. I'm very baked bean picky and these are better than the national brands.

rudeblue72, Monterey, TN

We use both kinds and love them - as good as the name brands and most times better...what can I say - I love Shop-a-Lot!

theresa_douglass, Ruskin, FL

I love these beans. They taste as good as the more expensive name brand baked beans at a fraction of the cost.

laurasher, South Portland, ME

This is a great product to use for creating dinner that is totally cool. To this product you can add beef hot dogs cut up into bite size pieces, meat from a pork chop and/ or chicken breast. Add a little ketchup to taste and simmer for 1/2 hour. You can then pour this over rice or noodles. Great way to stretch your food and tasty too.

susanmdir, Saint Cloud, FL

These are the best baked beans i have ever tasted, and that's a lot. I always end up having to "doctor" them to make them as flavorful as I would like. These even surpass homemade!

bgp.treetop, Cape May, NJ

Cowboy Billys' Maple and Bacon baked beans are the smoothest tasting beans I have ever had. They have just the right amount of maple flavor without being overly sweet and the beans are not overcooked like some others. I will slice hot dogs, fry in a pan and add the beans or do the same with hamburger add a salad or vegetable and you have a quick and easy meal that even kids love...

deelitz12, north port, FL

This product has a very good flavor. I would compare this to Bush Beans.

tmarciniak, Spring Hill, FL

these are very good and reasonably priced too.

fmg120, Rochester, NY

Better than high dollar brand name. My kids always ask for cowboy billys.

spoiled_1, Ten Mile, TN

Awesome flavor. Took these camping and kids loved the maple flavor.

ctolin, Onekama, MI

These beans are great. They give a certain dog a run for it's money. Great price and great taste!

mjco34788, Leesburg, FL

we really like Cowboy Billy's® Maple & Bacon Beans. They are better than the Bushes beans anytime. We are getting ready to try the other of Cowboy Billy's beans. Thanks and I hope you can keep them in stock all the time. We really enjoy them. And the price is great.

kippster, Arnold, MO

These are delish!!

browneyes6551, Saint Louis, MO

Great maple flavor! Beats the heck out of those fancy high priced brand names! Try it out and see. I did...Its well worth the money.

george_franke, Norwich, NY

Me and my family loves the Cowboy billy's Beans. When we BBQ out we always have this pot of Cowboy Bill's bean. nothing left of them.They are great.

pat40oz, Lucasville, OH

These baked beans are better then the rest I am glad I tried them and have tried those without bacon also.

carolsllv, Gulfport, MS

These baked beans are better then the rest I am glad I tried them and have tried those without bacon also.

carolsllv, Gulfport, MS
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