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Portmann's® Mayonnaise, 32fl oz 

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Portmann's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Mayonnaise, 32fl oz
Create delicious sandwiches with Portmann's Mayonnaise. Creamy mayonnaise is great for sandwiches and salads-at a delicious price your family can afford.

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the only brand of mayo my husband likes other than kraft

shannonrashley, Evensville, TN

This is the best Mayo out there! I love Helmans and this is the same exact taste, for a MUCH better price!

Starr, Hillsdale, MI

In the past I have only purchased brand name mayo. When I tried the Sav-a-lot brand I found that it was better than Kraft.

melanie_lancaster, Ringold, OK

This is a excellent Mayonnaise. Creamy & clean taste,not heavy. Portmann's Mayo is perfect for salads & sandwiches... I use to buy only name brand, but since trying this a few years ago - I'm Sold !

melodee_mon, Sumner, MI

I purchase this mayonaise on a regular basis and use for sandwiches, tuna salad, etc. I cannot taste the difference between this mayonaise and the more expensive brands. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good mayonaise.

jamestv23, Palm Bay, FL

I am very picky about mayonnaise and before I would only purchase Dukes but this is every bit as good as Dukes and for much less money!

swest2, Lexington, NC

i used to buy the name brand one but now at a 50% savings my family loves this one now. good deal

tqbmeg, Orlando, FL

my husband wont' eat anything else.. it is good taste; and def a good value...

dlp5658, Bristol, TN

I buy this mayo because it is delicious and as good as any name brand. We like a "natural" mayo and this one is half the cost. I did notice they have cut the size of the container by a few ounces. This is a common trick!

pahhobbs, South Daytona, FL

no way as good as any name brand mayo. I only purchase it, if I can't get a name brand

peachmountaingirls, Peebles, OH

I used to buy name brand mayo but no more! Why pay twice as much or more for the same great flavor and texture of Portman's Mayo. I will never switch back!

mcdonna3, Saint Louis, MO

I've used this Mayo for years and years. Great taste and price

CKay, Lynchburg, OH

We have a contender! One thing I don't mess around with is Mayo. I mainly stick with Hellmann's, Duke's, or Kraft, as most of the other or generic brands taste very odd. I thought I would give this a shot after reading reviews here, and now it's the only one I buy!

jplovins, Saint Louis, MO

I thought I would give this a try, we were very pleased, tasted just like the name brand but was a better value.

diana1117, Highland, MI

This is a very great tasting Mayo. I would rate the flavor right up there with Hellman's and at Save A Lot's low prices you can't beat it !!!

onehorselovinfool, Kalkaska, MI

forgot to add my "star rating" on the last review!

march-gr, Grand Rapids, MI

This is the only mayo used in our house for years! It is tasty, smooth and rivals the name-brand for quality, but at a Save-a-Lot price! I will continue to use this as long as it is around!

march-gr, Grand Rapids, MI
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