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Fairgrounds® Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz 

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Fairgrounds<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Meat Hot Dogs, 12oz

Have an unforgettable barbeque any night of the week with these Fairgrounds Meat Hot Dogs. Delicious hot dogs are great grilled, boiled, or pan-fried. Try them at your next party!

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These are the worse hotdogs I have ever ate in my life. The only way to really eat these so you don't taste how awful they are, is as a chili dog. They are also the weirdest looking hot dog when nuked....never saw a hot dog do like these do in the microwave....they look like a chicken has pecked them all over. I don't know how anyone could compare these to name brand hot dogs.


One bite of a Fairgrounds Hot Dog is like sticking your tongue in a bowl of salt!


these hotr dogs are the worse hot dogs me and my kids havew ever ate. i live in a city where save-alot is the only grocery store in town so i thought i would save a couple dollars and but fairground hot dogs. they made my whole family sick. and also they taste like your eating a box of salt. this company does not care that kids are who eat alot of hot dogs, so why would you make it safde for kids to eat them. i would not give these dogs to anyone. save=alot you really need to check on the products you sell. just because you can give someone something for a cheap price doesnt mean it good for them .

fredterri, tyrone, PA

i love fairground hot dogs - they're better than being at the fair!

ohabsolutely, Bristol, CT

If you are looking for that classic meat hotdog taste then look no further. Fairgrounds® Meat Hot Dogs are 12oz of dog-dangling goodness. Each bite causes a meat explosion in my mouth that rivals the leading brands at a fraction of the cost. When I am looking to grill this summer I am heading to the Fairgrounds!

Mike_Hock, North Wallingford, CT